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With more than 46 years of Professional experience with dealing with rare coins, Bellisario Rare Coin Gallery has adopted the motto “The Numismatic Company”. As a member of the Professional Numismatic Guild, (www.pngdealers.com) Bellisario Rare Coin Gallery adheres to strict ethical and professional standards in the world of Numismatics, what has rightfully been called the world’s greatest hobby. BRCG, based in Massachusetts, is dedicated in the pursuit of rare, collectible coins for our clients. No matter the value of the rare coins you’re looking to buy or sell, whether $100 or $600,000, the same high standards apply. That’s our promise as a numismatic coin dealer.

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As your rare coin dealer of Massachusetts, and one of the largest rare coin dealers in the northeast, Bellisario Rare Coin Gallery gives you access to coin collections that range from personal to multimillion dollar estates. BRCG has commemorative, copper and other collectible coin collections for you to choose from.

Sell Your Rare Coins

When looking to sell your collectible coins with BRCG you will be treated with the respect you deserve.
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Coin Appraisals

Appraisals done at our safe and secure gallery are most often free of charge. On a weekly basis, Bellisario Rare Coin Gallery works with lawyers, insurance companies, banks, courts, trusts, etc. for professional written appraisals.

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Our Grading Philosophy

Lee Bellisario, owner of Bellisario Rare Coin Gallery, was one of the first coin graders at PCGS in 1986, making him a part of what is now a standard in the numismatics hobby – Third Party Grading Service. Over the years, Lee has acquired rare coins from his clients based on more than just a third party numerical grade. Since 1965 he has honed his skills and applied his grading and numismatic knowledge to the rare coins he acquires.

Numerical grading has brought tremendous order to the market place, but rare coins are not simple uniform commodities. Rare coins are also a high art form. The aesthetics, eye appeal and overall beauty can vary greatly between two coins with the same numerical grade. It takes many years of experience acquired from examining and trading in countless thousands of rare coins. Lee has that experience and the peer respect of his fellow top level numismatists. He has utilized his grading eye and formalized standards in the purchase of every coin he acquires for clients. At BRCG, Lee has quantified the many thought processes that occur when he examines a rare coin for possible purchase.