About Us

With more than 46 years of Professional experience with dealing with rare coins, we adopted the motto "The Numismatic Company". As a member of the Professional Numismatic Guild, (www.pngdealers.com) we adherence to strict ethical and professional standards in the world of Numismatics, what has rightfully been called the world’s greatest hobby. We are dedicated in the pursuit of rare coins for our clients whether the coin is valued at $100 or $600,000. We apply the same standards to all coins that we sell.


Our Grading Philosophy

As one of the first graders at PCGS in 1986 I was thrilled to be part of what now is a standard in our hobby - Third Party Grading Service. Over the years, I have acquired coins for my clients based on more than just a third party numerical grade. Since 1965 I have honed my skills and applied that grading and numismatic knowledge to the coins I acquire for my clients.

Numerical grading has brought tremendous order to the market place, but rare coins are not simple uniform commodities. Rare coins are also a high art form. The aesthetics, eye appeal and overall beauty can vary greatly between two coins with the same numerical grade. It takes many years of experience acquired from examining and trading in countless thousands of rare coins. I have that experience and the peer respect of my fellow top level numismatists. I have utilized my grading eye and formalized standards in the purchase of every coin we acquire for clients. At BRCG we have quantified the many thought processes that occur when I examine a rare coin for possible purchase.

Meet Our Professional Staff
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